Types of People You Find at Comic-Con

Comic-Con San Diego

It's almost that time of the year again, when everyone dresses up for a special occasion, waits anxiously for things they have wished fervently for the entire year, and salivate as they see it open right before their eyes. No, it's not Christmas, it's this years Comic-con, and Oh My God, you're not ready for it yet, are you?

Thankfully, there is still a little for you to get your rear in gear and hop on to the nearest transport going to San Diego. Interestingly, though, apart from your kind, the lazy kind, there are also a number of people who could be seen at the Comic-con every year, and they are so consistent that the have become a regular fixture of the event, so to speak, and these comic-cons would certainly feel a little strange if these people were not to be seen there. Here they are in no particular order:


Of course there are parents to be seen in Comic-con, who else would spring for the expense of being there? Other than the fact that the kids there would certainly need someone legally able to drive, many parents grace the event for their own selfish purposes, which is why they can generally be classified into two major groups:

The parents who are there dutifully for their kids.

And the parents who are dutifully kids. What? No one's too old to read comic books, bruh.

Cosplayers, More importantly Slave Leia

Among those who actually spent money to be at the event, cosplayers have become quite a phenomenon themselves, mainly because of their over-the-top dedication to looking every bit like the characters they are trying to emulate. There have even been reports of these cosplayers taking up method acting to as to better "channel" the character that they are dressed up as.

And why not? It's not everyday that you get to wear spandex or fiber glass implements and walk around with lethal-looking weapons and not get tased by the local law enforcement. The creativity that goes into the creation of some of these costumes are practically as intense as the sweat that goes into the costumes themselves, as the cosplayer wearing layers of material pretend that they're still icy chill inside it.

And what cosplay event would be complete without a few Slave Leias?

Or some Deadpools?

Creepers Perving out on Cosplayers

Where there is prey, there are bound to be predators. Stalkers who hae nothing better to do with their lives other than shadow and terrorize cosplayers also abound at the comic-con, which is probably a great reason to integrate a stun gun or some pepper spray implement into the costumes of the cosplayers.

These stalkers could easily be identified with their typicaly greasy-looking hair, or lack thereof, leery eyes that seem to be able to move independently until they find their prey, and sickening perfume which they believe would offset their creepiness as they follow the cosplayers around.

The Comic Book/Video Game/Movie Ultra Fan

This person practically knows what Wolverine had for breakfast on the day that his Adamantium was ripped off his bones by Magneto and what deodorant brand Magneto was wearing while he was ripping the Adamantium off the bones of Wolverine. While it might be a fun activity to test the trivia knowledge of these super fans, it might not be a good idea to get into a disagreement with them on anything that pertains to their favorite characters, as some have been known to have fits and violent episodes on occasion.

Unlike the cosplayers, these people usually adorn their brain with all things that have to do with whatever they are geeking out on, be it comic book characters, sword-and-sorcery lore, or even the latest in anime and manga. They could usually be identified with the favorite-character-logo shirt and denims that looked so unwashed that it would probably stand up on it's own.

Dudes Looking for an Excuse to mingle while Shirtless

Historically, people tend to notice the female cosplayers more than the male cosplayers, mostly because many female cosplayers show a lot of skin, patterned after specific characters. The truth of the matter is there are mostly the same number of male and female cosplayers at these conventions, regardless of the fact that the females get most of the attention.

Recently, however, more and more male cosplayers are getting increasingly noticed because of the fact that they get to show more skin than the females because they could go around shirtless without getting gropes every two minutes. For many steroid-heads, this has become a great venue to get noticed, go around without a shirt and flex their pecs, and occasionally take out someone's eye when the air conditioning is working really well.


It's almost a guarantee that in major events where droves of people could be found, there will be people who are only there to make money. Sellers, resellers, and even those who sell things you didn't realize you needed are sure to be found at comic-con, or in most conventions for that matter.

Why miss out on the money? Most of these "entrepreneurs" often capitalize on the fact that there are a lot of convention attendees who are so open to suggestion that they would throw out their last dollar for things they don't really need, and will only buy it because it was being sold at the convention. The sad thing is a lot of these scammers prey on young and particularly vulnerable attendees who an authentic item from something that was mass produced in China and probably comes with an insidious amount of lead in it.

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