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It's a good bet that Annabelle scared the living beejeebers out of you (come now, we were all scared, no need to be ashamed of it)  when you first saw that freaky haunted doll. There's not reason to be ashamed, many admitted they almost wet themselves while watching the movie with all the jump scare scenes. It's the kind of movie that leaves you jumpy and wary of the small, furtive movements you see from the corner of your eye.

Here's something that might frighten you even more: Annabelle is REAL. Not quite as gruesome-looking as portrayed in the movies, but a whole lot more frightening, since she does her own doll stunts and haunting without the benefit of CGI or any other cinematic special effect. In fact, here are a few more REAL haunted dolls for you:


Joliet is not only of the haunted variety of dolls, but it is also supposedly cursed. This doll has been in the same family for at least four generations, with each generation reportedly still succumbing to the same curse. So why don't they get rid of it? Those who were able to ask about it got the same answer: because they can't.

The family history supposedly goes like this; each generation would see the birth of two children, a boy and a girl, and on the third day of the boy's life, he supposedly dies inexplicably. After that, unexplained sounds of wailing and crying are said to emanate from Joliet, leading the family to believe that the soul of the recently deceased baby is housed in the doll.

The doll was said to have been given to an unnamed member of the family by a family friend who was believed to be a gypsy. This unnamed family member then gifted it to her great granddaughter named Anna. It was then that the curse took hold of the family, claiming the life of a new born every generation.

As the family believes the soul of their deceased family member is in the doll, they could not bear to part with it, and thus the curse continues to take its toll on them. Personally, if I were a member of this family, I'd be more afraid of the way they think about the entire thing rather than the supposed curse, right? I mean, if the curse is true, it already has four souls in it, how many more do they want to give it?


This is one doll that has actually affected the lives of many people who supposedly dabbled in the supernatural, so you would expect these people to already know what's in store for them if they exposed themselves to things like this doll. Suffice to say, all of these people did not want to have anything to do with the doll afterwards. The doll has seen a lot of exposure on eBay, with the original lister putting in his own experience as a form of disclosure.

The next owner put the doll back up on auction barely a year after purchasing it. The most recent purchaser had more than enough hair-raising stories to share about owning the Harold doll, including accounts from psychics and readers who had the misfortune of experiencing the extent of the doll's haunting.

The most recent owner typically keeps the Harold doll in storage, apparently upon the advice of those who tried to do a reading on it, most of whom have received the "I will kill you" message directly from the doll, prompting them to not want to have anything to do with it ever again. Considering that the supernatural and things that would scare the pants off normal folks are everyday fare for these people, the doll must be housing something truly terrifying.


There really is a reason why Japanese horror stories are among the scariest ever told. Other than having a thousand foot radioactive fire breathing lizard, it seems like a lot of their folklore revolves around things that will not only scare you, but also of things that are sure to make you die of fright, much like the Okiku doll. Dubbed the "Haunted Doll of Hokkaido", a doll that is currently housed in Mannenji Temple in Iwamizawa City, this doll is not only haunted by the spirit of a young girl, but it allegedly grows human hair. Yes, you read that right, human hair.

The story of Okiku has it that the doll belonged to a little girl name Kikuko, who abruptly died after catching a cold. The family supposedly enshrined the little girl's favorite doll, naming it Okiku, as tribute to their lost daughter. The doll supposedly had hair that only reached jawline length, but the family noticed that the doll's hair started getting longer. The doll is currently housed at Mannenji Temple where it currently has knee-length hair, and tourists could see the doll while visiting the temple, but photographs are reportedly prohibited, which is a good thing, because why would you keep a photograph of a haunted doll?


No, this is not the story of the transitional phase of an insect, it's about a really scary doll that supposedly has the ability to walk around its case, move the items around her, and even fog up the glass case she lives in and write on the glass in childish handwriting to let the people around her know what she feels. This doll is perhaps the most communicative of all haunted dolls as it is said to actively tell people by way of writing on the glass her opinions. One attempt to publish a video online that purportedly captures her moving met with failure as the video itself allegedly turned up blurred, although a child's handwritten message was supposedly visible on the video saying "Pupa No!"

This doll was reported to have only one owner from 1920 up to the owner's death in 2005. The owner considered the doll to be a beloved companion and confident, and even claims the doll had saved the owner's life on one occasion. Things began to get weird upon the owner's death, where the doll started her glass-writing activities with the initial message "Pupa hate". Yeah, I'd hate it too if I were cooped up in a glass case every single day. Just imagine how it would smell in there. Woof.

Letta the Gypsy doll

This is a story about Pinocchio gone horribly wrong. An Australian antique dealer named Kerry Walton happened upon an unusual wooden doll while scrounging for notable items in an old house. Right from the moment he got it, unexplained things started to happen. The bag containing the doll supposedly would not stop making noises in the trunk of his car. When it was in his home, family members would keep on having nightmares, and whenever any dogs would be in the area, they would practically go berserk. Walton brought he doll to a museum where a resident expert told him the nails on the bottom of the doll's feet were dated to at least 200 years old, and that it had come from Eastern Europe.

A subsequent séance held to determine if there was an entity in the doll revealed that it was made as a transference vessel for the soul of a boy who drowned in Romania. Grief-stricken over the drowning death of his son, the father of the boy carved the doll out of local wood, and even used real human hair for the head. Whenever the doll is brought outdoors, rain never fails to fall, which is an irony of sorts, considering that it supposedly houses the spirit of a bow who drowned. Looking at this doll, what really bothers me is his evil grin, like it's thinking "oh that's right, sleep, that's last time you'll be breathing."


This entry will not be particularly long, nor will it have the actual photographs being discussed in it, as I do not want to responsible for any potential issues or liabilities if something does happen to those who read about this doll here. British paranormal investigator Jayne Harris received a seemingly normal-looking doll from someone who claims having the doll was making her deathly sick. Peggy, as the doll was known, was reportedly the source of unexplained ills in anyone who saw her, even over the internet, as seeing her image supposedly caused computers to crash, temperature in the room to suddenly drop, and light bulbs to flicker on and off. People who saw Peggy's picture have complained of mild to severe migraines, vomiting, persistent nausea, and even hallucinations. Two mediums have speculated that the doll has links to the Holocaust or might have belonged to someone who was Jewish, based on images and words that they keep "receiving". While this may or may not be another case of mass hysteria, I am not taking the chance of being responsible for spreading it further. The story and images are readily available on the internet, so search at your own risk.


This bring us to perhaps the most popular of these haunted dolls, thanks to exposure through the movie The Conjuring and other shows that featured Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigator couple who happens to have the most popular haunted doll in history locked up in their creepy museum.

Contrary to what was seen in the movies though, the real Annabelle doll has none of the sinister features depicted in the film. The real Annabelle doll is actually a Raggedy Ann doll, and it first came to the attention of the Warrens when a student nurse asked them in 1970 to take it as the student associated several occult events in the house to the doll. Annabelle is now secured in the Warren museum in a glass box supposedly sealed with ritualistic prayers.

The story behind the doll is known by most: it is supposedly occupied by the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a seven-year old girl who was reportedly found dead where the apartment of the student nurse is currently standing. Things took a turn for the worse when a friend of the student nurse was actually attacked and left bloodied by something unseen while in a room alone with the Annabelle doll.

The Warrens then supposedly learned that a demon was actually after the student nurse, and was using the Annabelle doll to get to her. At least two unsuccessful exorcism attempts were performed on the doll, until finally the Warrens decided to lock away the doll in the glass case. Really? Glass? Wow, that's sure to stop anything.

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